Is this a grant funding programme?

No, this is not a grant funding program. The AYPHIVCHALLENGE2018 is seeking to identify innovative solutions to enable meaningful participation of adolescents and young people in the HIV response in Nigeria. We would like to see innovative ways to improve and deliver accurate information about HIV, strengthening referrals for HIV testing services, condom messaging and distribution, retention in care and support. The winning entry is expected to ensure AYP participation and meaningful engagement in the HIV response at the National, State and Local government levels.

Who can apply?

Youth-led organizations, teams and individuals under the age of 27 are eligible

How do I apply?

After reading the challenge details, click the Apply Now button to apply.

Does my entry have to be a new invention?

It could be but doesn’t necessarily have to be. You will need to demonstrate how your solution addresses the specific challenge posed. Keep in mind that if the solution has been around for some time, you will need to explain why the problem still exists and why your solution has not already been adopted to address it. A key criterion for success is demonstrating that your idea can be replicated and scaled in other similar settings at low or no cost to the end user.

Can I implement my program/idea in any location in Nigeria?

If selected, you can implement your idea/program anywhere in Nigeria so long as it addresses the challenge statement.

How many people can be in my team/group?

You can have as many people as you like in your team or group. However, if your idea/program is selected, the organisers can only support two people to come Abuja for the technical workshop.

Is this challenge only HIV-focused?

Yes. We are interested in adolescent participation approaches, which are replicable, sustainable and low-cost innovations which can deliver comprehensive HIV knowledge and strengthen referrals for HIV testing, treatment and care at scale to contribute to the achievement of the 90-90-90 goals in Nigeria.

I still have questions - who can I contact?

Please contact for more information.

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